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About Us

We are a unique agency. We combine deep insights, dynamic marketing, and customized systems to make your company more competitive. We know what it's like to fight for the next deal. Our selling strategies, processes, and tools will give you the edge that you need to win.

Our Approach

Military strategy classics such as The Art of War or On War address the principles of conflict. We believe that these principles are an excellent way to approach strategy development for a business as it competes in the marketplace. Our understanding of both ancient and contemporary military strategy principles and our experience in applying these principles to business, make us a unique partner in the development of your business strategy.

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Why FiveAxis?

Our founder served as a Special Operations Officer in the U.S. Army.  He was trained in the principles, strategies, and tactics of guerrilla warfare, unconventional warfare, low-intensity conflict, and counter-insurgency.  Following his military career, he spent over twenty years in a variety of leadership roles in companies large and small.  FiveAxis was founded as an agency designed to serve the machining industry that is at the heart and soul of the US economy.  We are an agency made up of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders that work hard every day to help our clients sell..

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